Executive Summary

In this information age, immediate access to relevant information is of the utmost importance. We believe that information is more than just numbers and data. To most, the information that is valued is that in which resonates with us and tells our story or shares our experiences. We believe that sharing our many experiences to the world is a vital need that must be fulfilled. A fulfillment factor that we’ve been able to harness in spectacular fashion by integrating quick response (QR) codes into elegant products.

QR codes are simple codes used to transfer data sets. According to the Mobile Data Report, provided by Sales Force – Marketing Cloud, 43% of Americans surveyed used a QR code in the last 6 months and 90% of the sample affirmed their usefulness in providing relevant information [1]. Moreover, Apple has initiated an iOS update for its 85.8 Million U.S. iPhone users in which their core “Camera App” will act as a QR code reader; Android has added comparable capabilities within their camera application for their 107.7 Million active users. These updates will heighten awareness and increase the amount of QR scans made by the prospective U.S. consumer and will act as a complementary driver for its product lines.

Jenise and Michelle will seamlessly integrate QR codes in all product and will primarily target the professional women of the Millennial Generation and those within generations X and Y. This tech savvy segment is an ideal base as their general parity and professional developments advance; catalyzed by the trending social climate. These targeted consumers will be able to quickly transfer their information to auxiliary parties such as their peers, friends, family, and new acquaintances. For example, with a Jenise and Michelle product, recruiters can direct their prospects to their firm’s website, a profile survey or a link where they can immediately upload their resume for review. Business owners can set up their products to direct persons to their ecommerce site or social home page, adding to their following base. Product users can setup vital information such as business numbers, images or address information for a swift transfer during social events. Using our quality products, these interactions will be supported in a novel and unique manner that is sure to impress.

Considering the sociocultural changes in shopping behavior, as greater numbers of consumers prefer the ease of online shopping, all products will be sold via virtual shop or ecommerce facilitated by the company’s website; inventory will be held and maintained at the Jenise and Michelle Headquarters. The website will also act as a primary touchpoint where customers can read and write product and service reviews which will be pertinent during their zero moment of truth determinations. Social media tools will be used to drive advertising campaigns and to connect with the consumer network.

Jenise and Michelle was established on foundational values which emphasize customer service and quality. We believe that customers are not simply buying from us, they are buying into us. Moreover, we believe in absolute integrity. It will be our mission to establish trust and loyalty from our brand ambassadors. Jenise and Michelle is not in the business of selling jewelry, nor is it in the business of promoting quick-response codes. And, although products will be used as a tangible facilitator, we are a service that values information and promotes the essence of the user, transferring what inspires them most through simple means.

“JAM it. Because you live to inspire.”

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